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1st Endurance Nutrition

Monday, April 26, 2010

This 8 minute video is a must see for anyone racing Ironman.

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Jilani on 5/12/10 said:

Hi Michael — thanks for the detailed view into how you fuel yourself in an IM. If you don’t mind, I have a couple random questions — how do you handle nutrition in a half iron? Do you view it as half the caloric intake of a full? Also, in an IM, how do you pace using the liquid shot and the EFS powder? I.e., do you ever wash down the shot with one of the rear bottles instead of water? Or do you only use water w/ the shot?

Thanks again for the video; I’ve struggled w/ nutrition in halves and am a little concerned about it as I move to my first full – although I have to say that I’ve become a big fan of the First Endurance products this year and am looking forward to trying them in a half this month….

Best wishes, Jilani

admin on 5/13/10 said:


Great questions. First off, I do not consider the nutrition for a half to be HALF of the nutrition for a full. When doing a full, the intensity of the output is significantly lower, even at the front end of the race. The corresponding lower HR in a full allows the athlete to process the food, drink, shot more efficiently. For me, i will aim for taking 750-800 calories on the bike in a half. I will tend to do this in the period of time from 15 min to 2hr 15 (or beyond, if it’s a slower bike course). My general plan is similar, though, where I drink one bottle of EFS, and one flask of EFS liquid shot. I nearly always – full or half – try to sip water after the liquid shot, rather than EFS. It tends to bump the carbohydrate concentration too much when combining the shot and the drink. This can give way to GI distress, as the gut struggles more to handle a higher concentration. Typically the body absorbs most efficiently when the concentration is about 6-8%. Basically, this translates to exactly how the EFS line is formulated. So, in other words, use it as it’s prescribed on the packaging, and you will not have a problem. Start adding too many other carbs, and you run the risk of creating GI distress.

To answer more directly, yes, you can wash down liquid shot with EFS, but it’s really best not to!

Let me know if I answered your questions, and best of luck!

Jilani on 5/13/10 said:

Yup, makes total sense – thanks. I’ll be cheering from the course @ Coeur d’Alene!

Scott Holtz on 6/15/10 said:

Hi Michael,

Great resource video clip. One question…are you in a half or full Ironman taking any additional salt (i.e. salt stick capsules) supplements or does the Liquid shot give you enough?

Paul on 12/9/10 said:

Thanks so much for the Video!! Very helpfull, plan to start using only 1st endurance products next year and was helpfull to see how one of the pro’s uses it.

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