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Sunday, October 12, 2008

In an unprecedented move, I thought I’d post a super-quick race report, only… 28 hours after the fact. My intent is to post the full blow-by-blow in a day or two, after letting all the ins and outs sort themselves out in my post-race brain.

Yesterday was my ninth Hawaii Ironman, I started with race number nine, and holding with the theme, I finished ninth. For those of you who followed online, you may have noticed that I crossed the line in tenth place, but due to a disqualification of one of the fellows ahead of me, I got bumped up a notch to hold my niners intact.

Later on, I’ll let my gory ups and downs more thoroughly paint the picture, but in the meantime allow me to summarize as follows:

My swim was the best I’ve ever done in Hawaii. I swam aggressively enough to be in the group for about a mile and a half at which time I was dumped off, and left to swim the final mile alone.

For fifty miles of the bike, I was in position to run my way to a top five finish. My legs were very strong, very fresh, and very patient (due to my brain convincing them to bide their time). From mile 51 to approximately 85, I suffered more than I’ve ever suffered here. My goal became finishing the race at (hopefully) a jogging/ walking pace.

Finishing the ride strong (for the final 22 miles), I regained the confidence that I could still pull off a strong marathon.

My run was better executed than any previous IM marathon. I patiently ran my way back into contention, with only a set of gnarly cramps slowing my charge to gain the top American slot.

I am very satisfied with my placing, my effort, and my determination to turn things around.

And I thank each and every one of my family members, friends, and fans, for cheering and supporting me every step of the way.

Please tune in for a three-day crescendo of a race report… where I’ll share the whole nitty and the gritty.


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