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Austin Pics

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I’m trying to go in order, that way I feel like I did this the proper way. I realize this was over three weeks ago, but I wanted to share these fun photos I took while I was down in Austin. One day, while doing one of my favorite rides, I spotted a Texas flag blowing in the breeze. I thought it would make a good photo, so I jumped off my bike, and snapped a shot or two. This shows you two things: 1) It was moderately windy that day, so the trip from Austin down to Wimberley was a bit slower than normal and 2) I continue to take photos that I think would impress my High School Photography teacher, Mr. Pinto; even if the shots really aren’t that impressive whatsoever. (I didn’t impress him then; I don’t impress him now!)

I wish I had the company of my riding bud and good friend, Todd; however, he wouldn’t skip work with me that day, so I did the ride solo. The ride leaves Austin to the west, takes up Hamilton Pool road to Ranch Road 12. It heads south from there to Dripping Springs, and continues on to Wimberley. From there 12 takes a bend to the East, and you arrive in San Marcos. At that point, the 100-mile loop goes left, and back to Austin. Since this was my last ride in my 500-mile week, I opted to add on by doing an out-and-back toward New Braunfels. The fond memories of days gone by started to flood me at every turn (boiling water bottles; 110 degrees; my first taste of Coke and Snickers, to prevent a bonk). I love the riding in Boulder, but the early years in Texas sure were the formative ones!

Overall the training camp was a success. I enjoyed some lovely sunshine days; some great rides; some awesome food, and some awesome company; and I gave myself a nice mental boost for Ironman next month!

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