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Friday, February 17, 2006

So I finally got out the door on Wednesday, after a productive morining around the computer. I have been doing residential mortgage lending as a part-time employment opportunity, and I had a few items that required my attention early that day. It caused me to miss a scheduled ride with some friends, but that proved to be the only drawback to my noon start time.

I ended up linking up with my good friend Jon Hill for a very hilly spin around his neighborhood. I love Austin for it’s steep hills; no wonder there have been so many great cyclists out of this area with these climbs!

After about 90 minutes with Jon, I headed out to wrap up the remainder of a 4:30 ride. I found a couple of doozies to add to my quad burning hill ride, before settling into a flatter section of town.

I didn’t manage to get the early run in pre-ride, so I opted for an easy 5miler off the bike. I had the energy and the gumption, so I headed down to the lake to shake the old legs out. I still have that sea-level advantage, so the run was pretty fun, and a tick peppier than it would have been up in Boulder.

Last up for the exercise portion of the day was a dip in Stacy pool. I might not be swimming a lot this week, but I sure am swimming frequently!

I capped off the day by attending a birthday celebration at a unique natural restaurant called Casa de Luz. They are all organic and vegetarian. Due to the meatlessness of my meal, I found the need to refuel with three heaping plates of deliciously prepared veggies and grains: what a meal. The glass of wine and dessert were welcome treats at this palace of health food, so we all toasted Rip’s birthday, and enjoyed some great conversation.

So far my goals are all being me: swim, bike, run, eat, and catch up with all the good Austin folk!

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