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Back to Boulder

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So I’m back in Boulder, and I’ve spent much of this week rebounding from my trip to Austin. I seem to be pretty tired still, and my muscles have not had too much get-up in them. I just returned from a much needed massage, where Kris pounded out all the knots and adhesions in my quads. I suspect I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow, but will be well on the road to a full recovery… just in time for the weekend of training. I am struggling a bit to get used to breathing at altitude again. It seems that ten days is just enough to ‘forget’ what it’s like to be oxygen deprived. Although the hematocrit levels don’t dip until twenty days at sea level, that ‘feel’ sure does go. It’ll probably be a few more days before that comes back. In the meantime, I’ll be suffering.

On the flip side, I think I made a switch for the better with the weather. Boulder has been sunny and beautiful, with mild temps; whereas Austin is rumored to be in the cool rain now. Good timing with the training trip!

I had better get back to some of my ‘around the house’ chores: we’re still trying to get settled into our new home!

Until next time.

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