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Back to the Cold!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Back to the COLD!

I returned to Boulder on Thursday night, and is it ever cold here! I knew I was going to get soft while training out in that mild California weather. Oh well, it was well worth it.

As I mentioned before, I’ll sum up the training totals for the two weeks I was in California, just for kicks.

I should start by saying that our primary goal was to log some big hours in the saddle, as we figured the swimming and running could progress along just fine back in Boulder. I say this because the swim time was pretty low, although Amanda and I did some great workouts together, and we did make it to two masters practices. My running hours were about average. I had a lot of nice runs, but nothing too fancy, just cruising along, enjoying all that extra oxygen in the air.

From January 18 to February 1, here are the numbas:
Swim: 7 hours 25 min
Bike: 46 hours
Run: 11 hours 25 min
Total: 64 hours 50 min.

Obviously, the biggest boost to my fitness was on the bike. I really enjoyed all that riding, and all those hills. It’s fun to get out to a new area, and to explore new routes. We were lucky enough to have some locals, or others familiar with the area, to show us where we were going.

I sure wish I had remembered to bring my camera along, but I guess that means I’ll just have to go back!

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