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Best Wife Ever

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How many of you read the blog of my dear wife, Amanda Lovato?  I am sure there are many of you, as you probably would not be here now if you hadn’t clicked my link on her blog.  I know how you operate.

Of those five hundred of you who read that blog, how many of you really think you know Amanda?  I wonder.   I thought, just for kicks, that I would share a few thoughts about my wife, so that you, the careful reader, can understand a bit more about how she ticks. 
Yes, she is a pretty open person.  She talks about her poop.  She talks about her friends.  She talks about her enemies, pet peeves, favorite things, swim suits, and a bit more about her poop. There are so many incredibly interesting topics inside the head of AGL that she may never have time to post them all on her blog.  But she will damn sure try.
Even though she takes time to write about just about everything, I still think the vast majority of her readers don’t know just how great a person she really is, so I will share her with you.
Amanda is the one of the most caring, giving and loving people I have ever met.  She talks about how she has older child syndrome, but she does not let on that the syndrome has made her a sweet and generous caregiver.  
She talks about how anal she is, but she doesn’t let on that she is one of the most organized, detail-oriented, task-driven people I know.
A rant from Amanda is just that: a rant.  She calls out people’s flaws, she points out injustices and rude occurrences, but she does not ever mean to hurt any one’s feelings.  She truly sees her rant as a way to get things off her chest.  Rather than let it fester inside forever, she let’s it go, and on some occasions the subject of the rant could take the opportunity to learn a bit about him or herself.
One of Amanda’s greatest strengths is that she handles criticism very well.  She knows she has room to improve in many aspects of her life.  She takes feedback and uses it constructively to make herself a better person.  This is a rare trait, perhaps more rare than you think.
Amanda can tell someone she is sorry, and that she was wrong.  Sadly, there are more folks in this world who are incapable of doing just that, even if they could stop an argument,  a fight or even a war.  
Amanda is the one of the most sensitive people I know.  She may appear to have a tough skin, but inside she takes things to heart.  
Amanda is my Domestic Goddess.  For proof I took this photo the other night after a long training day.  She prepared my dinner, cleaned my dishes, and made me comfortable and happy.  
Amanda is my inspiration.  When dedicated to realizing a goal, nothing gets in her way.  She follows the path she sets without wavering, and she does so without being late. 
The only thing Amanda loves more than her dogs is me, and I love that.
Amanda is my best friend, and I have gotten to know her better each and every day.  

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Bigun on 6/9/08 said:

she’s a-ight…hopefully she’s a good sherpa too – CdA in less than 2 weeks! Brink it, Lovato!

You really just needed an excuse to post the picture of the daisy dukes and compression socks…

amanda on 6/9/08 said:

Aww, that was great!I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my visits with AGL in the store, not only is she an inspiration to me,she has one of the strongest and greatest personalities out there. You both are pretty special peeps!!

Amber and Eric Rydholm on 6/9/08 said:

We think she is pretty special, too. I still remember the first day I met Amanda. Molly (Nickerson) Durst had invited us to dinner at the Tea House to meet a friend who had just moved to town. She was a hit from the start. Genuine and a ton of fun, too. Too bad you weren’t there, Michael, but I think she said something about her boyfriend being in Hong King to visit his dad….and get a Chinese foot massage. Ah, memories!

Oh, I think we keep forgetting to tell you, but Eric and I both just got new Javelin Laganos. Very fast rocketships, should be fun to see what they can do for our 2008 races.

Take care! Amber (and Eric).

Marsha Marsha Marsha on 6/9/08 said:

i will never forget the time the train on the tracks by the store stopped suddenly and made a horrible crashing noise that sounded like it was going to roll down the hill into the store parking lot.

all i remember seeing was you diving to protect amanda by the station wagon.

i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… i think i laughed so hard i cried and i was thinking, wow, i need to find someone who would love me like that.

you both inspire me as athletes, as a couple, and as two super cool people that Austin, TX misses very much.

E-Dub on 6/10/08 said:

Michael, you are a good man. This is a reminder to the men, that we should compliment/appreciate (verbally… or on a blog) our wives more often. Good job. Keep up the good work.

Angie on 6/11/08 said:

That was super sweet!! It is very rare that a guy truly appreciates how much we do for them. Like, cooking dinner, washing stinky socks,cleaning up after you guys! And all this after a full day of work and training! Very sweet Michael! KUDOS to you!! I just love Amanda!!!! She is an awesome coach and friend!!! Love you guys!!!

Tim Swanson on 6/12/08 said:

Michael, your perspective on life and racing is awesome! That’s why I’m rooting for you and, as much as I can (since I’ll be suffering my way thru the day), I’ll be screaming my head off for you next week in CDA.

You are what this sport is all about. Guys like you are why I got hooked 10 years ago in San Angelo, and why I still can’t get enough triathlon! I hope that the future of this sport is filled with “Lovato-like” pros…then we’ll all be in good shape.

Can’t wait to watch ya kick ass next week!

- Tim, from Spokane, IMCDA #436

Flatman on 6/12/08 said:

You two have a very cool relationship…cherish it always! Congrats on finding your true soul mate!

Duane on 6/12/08 said:

You are blessed!

Mer! on 6/13/08 said:

I logged on to give you crap about not updating your blog…Niiiice save !!!

The best thing about this post is that it’s filled with “real,” reasons why you love Amanda, not just “Amanda looks hot in daisy dukes and compression socks.”

It’s really refreshing to meet a couple that learns and grows from one another–all that stuff makes you a stronger couple—you guys are awesome! And not a bad ‘couple a role models either!

Cheers and Michael—-ROCK IMCDA!

ginny on 6/13/08 said:

That is so nice to read! We are lucky in life when we find our soulmate. You are lucky to have her and likewise, she is lucky to have you. Good luck on your race!

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