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Sunday, January 7, 2007

The sun came out yesterday. Turns out that the wind came out as well. Nobody told me that it was supposed to be howling out there, so I bundled up (see above photo), and headed out. I got a late start, as my ‘cross bike didn’t have wheels or tires. I found the necessary parts, installed, and brushed off last year’s rust and dirt. By the time I hit the roads, it was nearly 4:00pm. That only left me time for an hour spin, but at least I was heading out.

My neighborhood proved to be the most challenging section of the whole ride. There was a ton of snow and slush and ice. I made it out to the main roads just fine. It appears that all this time on the rollers really does wonders for your snow-handling skills.

It really wasn’t too cold, but that wind sure did throw a mean bite into the mix. I cruised around until it started to get dark, then headed home to continue the ride on the rollers. The workout soon ended, as dinner was calling… so was Amanda, for that matter.

I am happy to say that I’m making it through the first week of training! It’s good to be back, and at the risk of jixing myself, I belive the blog is making a comeback as well…

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Billy on 1/14/07 said:

good posting and photos. was “improved blogging” a new years resolution? if so…success so far!

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