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Monday, September 24, 2007

After my last post about how great the weather has been here in Boulder, we experienced another four days of perfect weather. We were lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine, and even a good bit of wind to help with the Hawaiii preparation. Today, on the other hand, is our first really crappy day of the fall. It is barely fifty degrees, and it’s raining. Ouch. It’s not exactly the best set of conditions for a long run, which is what I have on the plan for today.

I figured I’d have a later start for this run, but now that it’s approaching noon, and the sun has still not made a showing, I’m considering moving the long run to tomorrow. It seems silly to head out there into the cold, as this is no where near the conditions I’ll be racing in three weeks from now. I’m always preaching to the athletes that I coach that being flexible is key. Let’s see if I follow my own advice…

As a side note, I am getting dangerously close to posting photos of the new Javelin Lugano. It’s pretty darn close to its race shape, and I’m just about ready to venture down to snap some pics. Along those lines, I might just have to reveal a look at my new helmet as well…. it’s always fun to have all the best stuff, just in time for one big race!

Thanks for checking in.

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Duane on 10/1/07 said:

Just wanted to say good luck in Kona!

CoachLiz on 10/4/07 said:

Best of luck on Oct. 13th. I will be glued to my seat after a long run watching the live feed.

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