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Fitting a Bike

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ok, I’m realizing that I so far behind that I might not catch up. I’m a bit bummed I didn’t make time to post this stuff sooner, but I’m living by the better-late-than-never motto!

I mentioned that I went to Austin for a bit of training. During my preparation for Arizona last year, I had a key block down there, and I wanted to duplicate it somewhat. I have learned over the years that my body never really requires the same training for each Ironman, nor does it respond the same to each bit of training in the same way. This being said, I thought the timing was just right, and the block was fun last year, so it would be fun again.

I showed up on a Thursday night, and the first thing I did was grab a delicious meal over at Magnolia Cafe. Those in the know understand why I so sorely I miss this restaurant.

The very next morning (Feb 16th) I went down to Jack and Adam’s for a bike fit with my good friend and fit wizzard, Zane Castro. I’ve known Zane for a long time, and I continue to be impressed by how much triathlon and bike fit knowledge he crams into his Little Mexican Brain! (We always called him the Little Mexican!)

I’m posting a few photos from the fit I did with Zane. All in all, it was a great experience for me. I had not been on the Barolo yet this year; in fact, I had not ridden the race steed since Hawaii. I was anxious to check out my position, and dial myself in at a bit steeper, more forward set-up. My focus is IM Arizona, and this is a pretty darn flat race. I really want to maximize my power out there, so the goal that Zane and I set was to raise my saddle up, while brining be a bit more forward over the bottom brackete.

We did just that, and along the way we did some tweaking to the position of my cleats. I was able to find a bit more power with these adjustments to the cleat, and in doing so also made more efficient use of my pedal stroke.

If you’re ever in the Austin area, I urge you all to check out Jack and Adam’s incredible tri shop: www.jackandadams.com. They have EVERYTHING you need for our fun sport. And I mean everything! I also encourage you to enlist the help of the guy I sometimes call Dr Castro. Chances are good he’ll get your bike fit where it needs to be.

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Billy on 3/28/07 said:

you should have taken a photo of your food at magnolia. what did you have?

amy on 3/30/07 said:

Visit also Magnolia Cafe in Chicago. They have heavenly potato/blue cheese cakes…Yummy!

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