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Help Me Pick!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I just received my race outfits for Ironman Coeur d’Alene.  Please help me pick the perfect SPLISH bottoms to go with one of my Saucony tops. 

Thanks to the generous folks at SPLISH for setting me up with some winning designs.
Yes, I stole this blog idea from Amanda.

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Eric on 6/14/08 said:

The poison bottom goes best with the red Saucony top.

Are you seriously going to race in a speedo?


Good luck at CdA

Bigun on 6/14/08 said:

I feel….weird…even commenting…even that I looked. The “poison” ones are the…um….manliest of the bunch. TriSherpaDi (my wife) likes the party in my pants one…even though it does not match.

Andi on 6/15/08 said:

Definitely “poison” bottoms

Elizabeth A. Rich on 6/15/08 said:

I like poison and party in my pants (even though it doesn’t match). Poison with red top I think is the winner!!!

Marlawanda on 6/15/08 said:

I like the Poison bottoms but the Party in my pants really made me laugh.

wallace on 6/15/08 said:

dood! i dig the stripes. it’s very reminiscent of apollo’s boxing trunks in rocky 1 & 2.

TriDiva on 6/15/08 said:

You can’t beat a good pirate booty! Argggh! It could even become a race mantra for the people you pass. Because that’s what they’ll be thinking. See you at IMCDA!

RunColo on 6/15/08 said:

I say the candy striped ones. Perhaps you can also borrow the matching pants from University of Indiana basketball team!

Cat on 6/16/08 said:

it’s all about the stripes! how do they look with the red top??

Mel on 6/17/08 said:

I vote the Poison one..it matches the best :) Good luck!!!

SpeedLeopard on 6/17/08 said:

I think you have to go with the Party in my Pants :)

JC on 6/17/08 said:

Red top with red stripes bottom for the WIN!

Anonymous on 6/17/08 said:

your mother and sister will be walking 20 paces behind you at all times. But we still love you.

Shanda on 6/17/08 said:

I’d have to say the “poison” ones. I’ll be cheering you on in CDA!! Looking forward to seeing you win in those “Poison” pants! ;)

Flatman on 6/18/08 said:

Poison matches, but party in my pants will get a bigger “rise” out of your fans!!! ;)

I am with bigun though…I feel like I need to wash my hands (or eyes….)!

Gregory on 6/18/08 said:

Have you been practicing your German because it’s one thing to have the body to pull this off but if you cannot fake the accent…

Bonne chance at CDA, we’ll be looking for updates from Nice!


Jay Prasuhn on 6/18/08 said:


Trigirlpink on 6/18/08 said:

OMG.. the stripes reminded me of Richard Simmons…

Mel on 6/18/08 said:

OH Yes e/trigirlpink….NO STRIPES…totally Richard Simmons..you will have a bunch of large woman chasing after you :)

blueseventy on 6/18/08 said:

Michael, some things are better left to the imagination. :-)

Herbert on 6/18/08 said:

I say pirate all the way.

tribabe on 6/18/08 said:

POISON! Hope you have a great race!

Lance Watson on 6/18/08 said:

Amanda recommended I check out your fashion statements.

Party in my pants… Didn’t that happen in Kona? And that worked out alright.

Kick some ass this weekend


Brandon on 6/18/08 said:


GO give it to em this weekend!

Lindsay on 6/19/08 said:


Sugar on 6/21/08 said:

trigirlpink, we think a like, richard came to mind. ;-)

i like the stripes or party in my pants!

glad some real men are wearing speedos. faris and now you, my new hero!

GO! GO! GO! have a bloody fantastic race!

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