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Here We Go!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Here we go, here we go, here we GO! I’m really doing it this time. I know these are my famously unbelievable words, but this time I’m really trying. I’m going to blog a couple times a week. Nothing too over-the-top, nothing to fancy; just a few updates.

Here we go.

It’s the fifth day of the year, and our New Year’s plan to train, train, train hit a solid roadblock today: 16 more inches of snow! What is going on here? I thought El Nino was warming us all up; why all this cold snow! Oh well, we did manage to get five strong days of training under our belts before the snow hit. Again.

The Drop-Dead Date was January 1, and with that date we got back to work. We’re easing into things, with a plan to build into the latter part of the month. It’s time to shed the winter build-up, to get back to a routine, and to start enjoying the outdoors again.

Today we did just that. After canceling plans to hit a swim workout early in the morning, Amanda and I opted to strap on the snow shoes for the first time this season. The last two blizzards hit during a time of slacking and laziness, so we just watched it pile up, with no intentions of working out in it. This time it is different.

We went out for about two hours total, with the total run time on my watch hitting 90 minutes. Not a bad workout considering we were both tired after about 27 minutes. Imagine running in beach sand, but really deep beach sand. Push too hard and you go nowhere; don’t push hard enough and you go nowhere. It’s quite the leg burning workout.

Our friend Graham joined us for the first thirty+ minutes, but had to bail out due to a hockey game commitment. Canadians.

However, just prior to his departure, we spotted a running icon of Boulder. Let me rephrase that: we saw an icon of the running world; one who lives in Boulder. He wasn’t running at the time; he was shoveling snow and chipping ice. We stopped for a photo, and to say hello. It’s always fun to meet the legends. It’s always fun to see such phenomenal talent right there in your own neighborhood. It’s especially fun when he’s not got snow shoes on, and you know you could actually outrun the guy. Always a competition.

Our encounter was with, none other than, Frank Shorter. If you aren’t familiar with Frank, you should be. He’s mostly responsible for starting the running boom (jogging boom!?) in America back in the seventies. Check him out with Amanda, Graham, and me; and then check him out at http://www.runfrankshorter.com/olympic.shtml.

That’s it for now. I’m off to ride the rollers for a spell, while I watch a movie…. or something.

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