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I’m on a Roll!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Watch out: I’m on a roll! I just wanted to add a few more thoughts, to prove that I’m really back.

First off, I wanted to post a couple pictures from a fun weekend of training I had with my good friend, and Jack and Adam’s teammate, Todd Gerlach. He made his way up to the soft mountain air, in order to have some fun, and to escape the relentless heat of a September in Austin, Texas.

While he was here, I was finishing up week three of my big build. I took him to all my regular stomping grounds, including Switerland Trail (a gorgeous trail at 8500ft, in the mountains above Boulder), a trip up Left Hand Canyon (LHC for short), and a couple trips to FAC, our local club (pool and gym, not hip-hop/ party).

Along the way I only managed to pull my camera out twice. Bummer, but at least I got two shots. First, Todd and I were racing some incoming weather, as we shot up to mile 12 of LHC. We were hoping to hit Ward at mile 17, but the report of snow turned us around early. In photo number two, note the ominous black clouds behind Todd: this was actually down the mountain from us, and was therefore BETTER weather than what awaited us up top.

What awaited us down in the flatlands was a lot of wind. And I mean A LOT. I don’t think you can grasp this unless you live, or have visited, the front range of CO. The wind was a STEADY 35mph, with gust from 50-80 mph. Please note that 80 mph classifies a low-grade hurricane (when sustained at that speed, of course). Nonetheless, Todd and I “practiced” for Hawaii for the rest of the ride.

Picture number one is in honor of Todd sprinting past the city limits sign (evidently something they “do” in Austin now) in front of me. Now, granted, I was on the side of the road waiting for him when he sprinted by… small victories.

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ginny on 10/5/06 said:

Canada? I meant hawaii…

greyhound on 10/12/06 said:

I’d take a picture if I sprinted by you too, even if you were changing a flat with a severed limb. VO2 challenged age groupers gotta take our victories where we find them.

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