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Ironman Hawaii Training Camp

Friday, August 14, 2009

We’ve moved my blog over here, and with the relocation I have decided that I’m going to make weekly updates. This is my “new site” resolution. Let’s see if it sticks.

Topic of the blog: Put the same thing in, get the same thing out.

What does that mean? Well, in this case, it means that I am mixing things up a bit this year, with the plan of mixing things up differently in October. I have been very happy with my consecutive top-ten finishes in Hawaii; however, my aim is to finish higher. I have, therefore, changed what I am putting in, so I can change what I am getting out.

This year I chose not to race an Ironman in the spring/ early summer. I chose to train differently, under the guidance of Cliff English. And I chose to get faster and more competitive at the 70.3 distance. And finally, I chose to do a training camp in Kona.

Skipping over the details of my first few choices, I will now jump to my final choice listed here: the camp. To sum things up, I had an incredibly productive time on the Big Island; I trained long, hard hours alone, and I pushed myself on the race course in a way I not previously done in training. I feel that the time spent this August will lay a great foundation for my Ironman build next month, as well as for my race in October.

Details and photos found their way to my Twitter account, and various stories and recaps may surface in my now weekly blogs. Let’s see if I can do it!

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Chloe Gordon on 8/18/09 said:

Sounds like you got a lot out of the training camp! Good luck in your October race, sounds like your going to do really well in it!

Sunny Gilbert on 9/10/09 said:

I’ve always thought speed training and racing shorter distances translated really well to the long stuff. I’m always trying to convince my ironman friends to add more short and fast to their workouts. Good plan! Can’t wait to see what it brings you in October.

kelly liljeblad on 9/29/09 said:

Weekly updates? Don’t make me worry about you boy!! How are ya!? See ya soon and best of luck with an awesome taper :)

Missy on 10/8/09 said:

Weekly updates you say!? Now THAT IS funny! Eh, I guess there’s that Kona thingy you have this weekend. You get a break..this time. Best of luck!

Rory on 10/10/09 said:

Slow down in that red convertible! Have fun this weekend.

mike greer on 10/14/09 said:

hey dude, marti tells me you were saying hello to me while i was on the hog and i never responded back. sorry about that, must be the 70 year old ears or something. it was good to see you in kona. would like to visit with you about athletes honey milk when we have a chance.

talk to you soon,


ruth bursell on 10/15/09 said:

Thanks again for the ride to town so i wouldn’t miss the parade. all my family got a bang out of me hitching a ride for the first time in my 73 years.Our son John #731 made it but not without a few problems.Earlier this year in march at new zealand his time was 9hours 57 minutes. He will do coeur d’alene next year so will keep training. Our running club in lewiston,idaho has a half-marathon and a 5k run this sat.so will do the 5k . the weather here was in the 20′s for a few days while we were in kona but now in the 60′s to 70′s. Good luck in the future , RUTH BURSELL

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