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Ironman Hawaii training camp

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We’ve moved my blog over here, and with the relocation I have decided that I’m going to make weekly updates.  This is my “new site” resolution.  Let’s see if it sticks.

Topic of the blog: Put the same thing in, get the same thing out.

What does that mean?  Well, in this case, it means that I am mixing things up a bit this year, with the plan of mixing things up differently in October.  I have been very happy with my consecutive top-ten finishes in Hawaii; however, my aim is to finish higher.  I have, therefore, changed what I am putting in, so I can change what I am getting out.

This year I chose not to race an Ironman in the spring/ early summer.  I chose to train differently, under the guidance of Cliff English.  And I chose to get faster and more competitive at the 70.3 distance.  And finally, I chose to do a training camp in Kona.

Skipping over the details of my first few choices, I will now jump to my final choice listed here: the camp.  To sum things up, I had an incredibly productive time on the Big Island; I trained long, hard hours alone, and I pushed myself on the race course in a way I not previously done in training.  I feel that the time spent this August will lay a great foundation for my Ironman build next month, as well as for my race in October.

Details and photos found their way to my Twitter account, and various stories and recaps may surface in my now weekly blogs.   Let’s see if I can do it!

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