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Ironman Wisconsin

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thanks very much to those of you who have been so supportive of Amanda in her quest to knock off a great Ironman up in Madison. Unfortunately, about halfway through the bike ride, she was faced with another terrible bout of indigestion/ lack of food absorption, and she slowed dramatically. Coming off the bike she had very few calories in her body, as she was unable to consume anything for over two hours. She set out to tackle the marathon with hopes that she’d turn things around, but frustratingly, it was just not her day. After a bunch of walking, a bit of running, and a ton of perseverance, she is currently about 5K away from finishing the race.

Another tough day at the Ironman office should not dilute what has been a great season so far for the Gillamster. I’m sure her version of a race report will hit the blogs soon enough, but I wanted to keep the Amanda Fans in the loop, as best I can.

Thanks for all the good vibes you sent her way!! She’ll live to fight another day!

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Sue on 9/7/08 said:

Thanks, I have been watching all day…saw her finish..great attempt..took pics of her also on the bike…via computer..I am such a dork…good vibes were being sent her way…

Flatman on 9/8/08 said:

Lovatos ROCK.

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