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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I’m trying. I’m really trying. If I try a little harder, I might actually get to the blog postings more than once per week. But then again, with my long-windedness, maybe it’s better I only post once in a while.

Sitting here at the end of a fun week, I am looking back at what I could have done, and at what I did do.

Early in the week, my plan was to do some racing, in an attempt to get some higher intensity training under my belt. I had a few good opportunities: Tuesday night’s Dash and Dine, a local 5K race with a barbeque following; Saturday’s 1-miler down in the Springs followed by a 5K; and last, and most certainly not least, the Rookie Triathlon in Austin, Texas. Which one did I chose? My results-scrolling friends surely know the answer: none of the above. It’s always ‘none of the above’, by the way.

And to the why: I really wanted to accept the invitation from Jack and Adam’s Austin Bicycle shop to return to my other hometown for a fun weekend triathlon; however, with a trip to Baja for the 70.3 next weekend, I just wimped out. I felt like the travel wouldn’t be ideal, and I felt like I’d be better off at home doing some ‘regular’ training. While the weekend would’ve definitely offered ample opportunity for good food, folks, and fun (always delivered in Austin!), I chose to stay in Boulder.

So, the two running races? Well, I missed the Dash and Dine because I ended up flogging myself on the bike instead. It was an enjoyable flogging (Super James for the local readers), but a flogging nonetheless. I hadn’t done such a power climb in a while, so again I wimped out of the race…

Before I admit to wimping out again, I had better come up with a better reason for not racing the one-miler/ 5k down in the Springs. Well, Amanda and I stayed up late entertaining friends, so we were too tired. Is being too tired wimpy? I hope not.

Regardless of not racing a single event, I did have a great weekend of training. I made it up to the Peak to Peak highway for the first time this year. For those of you that haven’t ridden there, waste no more time: it’s the best riding anywhere! After the ride, I did my first brick run since Arizona. I’ve been playing it safe with the recovery–I think–but I wanted to run off the bike at least once prior to racing again. I felt great, and managed to come dangerously close to my best time for my neighborhood 10k loop: not too shabby.

The rest of the weekend was spent building up a new bicycle. No, I haven’t taken on a job, and no, I didn’t get a new ride; my Barolo did get a new saddle today, though! I actually was in charge of assembling a shiny, black carbon rig for my friend Alex. He managed to crack his titanium bike, just prior to Arizona Ironman, so he was looking to switch frame materials. He resisted me urging him to buy a new Javelin, and settled on a Kuota Kaliber: a nice choice.

My good friends at Austin’s most incredible tri shop, Jack and Adam’s, were kind enough to accommodate Alex’s wishes to be on a new bike NOW! They next-day shipped the frame to Boulder, where I was waiting with parts in hand for the assembly. I forget how satisfying it can be to put together a new ride. And I forget how good it feels to make someone as happy as a twelve-year-old boy in an unattended candy shop. Alex was eleated; the bike was smooth.

On the topic of triathlon retail stores, I must add one final thought. It really is a pleasure to have places of business, like J & A’s–and like Inside Out Sports, for the NC crowd–who truly understand the value of good, hard work, and excellent customer service. Having spent several years the industry, it is refreshing to see that there are people out there who care about joing a job and doing it well.

Until next time.

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ginny on 5/16/06 said:

Oh wow – that would have been fun if you had come down for the Rookie! As always, J&A put on a fabulous race. There were lots of pros and lots of rookies and lots of in-betweeners. They are the greatest and they have the best shop. Everyone in Austin loves them!

Eddie on 5/28/06 said:

shit man! you bricked after peak to peak?

i gotta get in shape, and get a bike that i can remove the seat post out of, and come over and do that ride.

of course, i’ve been saying that for 5 years :)

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