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Monday, March 13, 2006

After returning from North Carolina, Boulder was hit with a series of early Spring/ late Winter storms. We’ve been pretty lucky with the witner so far, but it’s now the snowy month, and it looks like we’re in for it! It seems that 2006 has been characterized by warm temps with high winds, or calm but chilly.

Due to the first snow arriving on Wednesday, I opted for a big day on Tuesday. I ended up with a great long ride and short run, followed by a nice swim before my massage. We were given a break on Thursday, so I was out on the bike after a day of only running, swimming, and lifting. I’ve really been hitting the weights hard this winter, and I feel it’s going to help out with my bike strength. Sure, I might only ride three days this week, but I’ll pound the quads pretty hard with the leg press!

Friday was a great day, because Amanda and I decided to head up to Brainard Lake for some snowshoeing with the dogs. We hadn’t done any winter sports all year, and Friday was the perfect opportunity. It was snowing pretty hard down in Boulder, which generally means that up at 10,000 feet it’s even more snow! Luna suited up in her winter parka (she barely stood above most of the snow drifts, as she’s only a couple inches tall!). And Blue managed his temperature control by running extremely quickly back and forth and back and forth. I wish we had photos to show what a sight it is to see him move! After 1:15 of running and walking, Amanda and I were pretty much pooped. We removed the frozen snowballs from Luna’s undercarriage, and made the trip back down the mountain to Boulder.

Next up was a nice swim and another hard lift. In between the two we had a very enjoyable dip in the hot tub. My first luxury purchase when I hit the big time wil be a hot tub for our deck here at the house: I love the spa!

Saturday was another outdoor day, and I notched in another good ride. I followed that up with a run… just as the snow began to fall again.

It’s now looking like another gorgeous, sunny week for Boulder, but mid-week I’m off to California (where I always freeze my buns off!) to race the half Ironman in Oceanside (formerly Ralph’s).

Until next time.

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