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Life is Simple, Life is Good

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I’ve been in Austin for seven days now, and Amanda’s been here for about twelve. We’ve gotten settled in pretty well, and we’re starting to fall into our routine, which is nice. One of the great things about our new place is that we do not have a fenced in backyard. We do have a little dog run behind our apartment, but it’s not a proper yard like we have back in Boulder. The reason it’s nice is that it gives us the opportunity to take the dogs for more walks around the neighborhood.

This morning, while the coffee was brewing and the day was just waking up, I took Luna and Blue to do their morning business. It was while I was on that walk that it occurred to me how good our life is, and how its simplicity has made it even better. We left a house full of stuff back in Colorado, and we now have a half-full 750 square foot apartment, two dogs, two bikes, a small kitchen full of food, and, of course, each other. And we could not be happier.

I’m posting a few photos of just how great the simple life can be. These first couple are from our drive down to Austin. The Subaru was packed full, but the dogs managed to stay comfortable. Blue even had his own bed in our Lubbock hotel room. Next up is a shot of my favorite cabinet: the First Endurance stash. And finally, we have a post-ride shot of Amanda and her dog pack. These three sure know how to relax. Special thanks to Saucony for outfitting us with the perfect futon cover.

We will probably end up getting cable TV this next week, so our life might have a few more distractions, but it will be every bit as simple… and great.

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