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Friday, June 20, 2008

I will do you proud!

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michelle on 6/20/08 said:

I’m going to start charging body-double fees!! Love the Lovato Vatos! Good luck on Sunday! – Lapuente

TRI-ROB on 6/21/08 said:

Rinny told me to keep an eye out for you! Nail it!


Jen on 6/21/08 said:

Go get ‘em! Have an awesome race! We are sending lots of positive thoughts your way from sunny (and hot) Tucson AZ.

Cody the Clydesdale on 6/22/08 said:

Anyone who’s interested, IMlive has Michael in 4th place overall coming out of the water in 54 minutes!

Ana on 6/22/08 said:

Aahh! I wish they televised Ironman events live. Based on the website and the running commentary, though, you’re looking great! Just off the bike now. Have a great run! We’re all cheering for you here in my household.

Cody the Clydesdale on 6/22/08 said:

Finished the bike in 4:48! A 23.23 mile an hour Ave!!!! 2nd place overall! That’s good news because his run is his strongest event!!

Cody the Clydesdale on 6/22/08 said:

Congrats Michael on a stellar finish. I won’t give it away so we can read your post race report.

Comm's on 6/22/08 said:

Not the finish you wanted but you gave it your all Michael. Great job on your finish and continued success.

Keep livin’ the dream

Flatman on 6/23/08 said:

Nice work, brother!!

TRI-ROB on 6/24/08 said:

Dude… SO awesome watching you throughout the day! Congrats!


John on 6/25/08 said:

Congrats on your podium finish, enjoyed seeing you bringing it home with such determination as I was struggling with my run.

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