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New Equipment for Hawaii

Saturday, October 7, 2006

As long as I’m posting photos, I thought that I’d show you all a couple of fun pieces of equipment I’ll be using in Hawaii. First, the kind folks at Saucony have created a custom pair of shoes for me. These are a standard pair of their triathlon-specific shoe, the Type A, but with a couple new grahpics. Thanks to Saucony for making me feel very special out there… it’s gotta be the shoes!

And next up is my Rudy Project aero helmet. It’s a standard Syton Open helmet, but jazzed up a bit courtesy of Fitz Graphix, a local auto body detail shop. It’s scary, so beware!

That’s it for now. I’ve got to get to sleep, as tomorrow is the final short brick workout here in Boulder before we head off to the Big Island.

Thanks for checking in on me.

Oh, and for those who are interested in seeing a bit of triathlon on TV, I’m attaching the OLN schedule for Ironman North America events. Tomorrow just happen to be IM Arizona, so I definitely recommend tuning in!

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Bolder on 10/8/06 said:

good luck in Kona!

let your preparation meet your opportunity on race day!!

Travis on 10/9/06 said:

Man those shoes and helmet are pretty slick if you ask me! We’ll all be rooting for you on the big island in a few weeks.

Rock the taper and let ‘er rip on race day. :)

Shelley on 10/10/06 said:

good luck in Kona..wish I was there!!

greyhound on 10/10/06 said:

So, you’re “my” triathlete because you were at one of my races this year . . . only way way out in front of my. It was like being on the same course with Superman.

Have a great race at Kona!!

Flatman on 10/10/06 said:

Kick some ass in Kona, dude!!!

jp on 10/10/06 said:

Rock and roll! Nice lid and kicks…..

tear it up in Kona….Faris, Norman, Cam, Chris…who???

MK on 10/10/06 said:

Awesome looking gear. Good luck in Kona! I was excited to watch you on t.v. and winning IMAZ. You are my hero man!

Herbert on 10/11/06 said:

Nice helmet Michael. :-)

ginny on 10/16/06 said:

Hilarious helmet! If I were your competition, I’d be running scared! Way to go! We are cheering you on. Ginny

allbilly on 10/25/06 said:

i like the helmet…looks like something a racecar driver would wear…which means its cool.

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