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Off the Wagon…

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oops, I fell off the wagon a bit… slacking with the updates.

After a slow start to the day Monday: latte with Zane, Terra, and Brad at the local coffee house, I did a bit of mortgage work on the phone and computer. It was actually a nice way to spend the morning: catching up with friends, and being productive in other another area, other than training. However, this trip is for training primarily, so I followed that up with one of my best rids of the year.

Leaving Zane’s house, I headed straight out to one of the Austin area’s greatest roads: Lime Creek. It’s just one of those roads. You see very little traffic, it’s hilly, pretty, fairly smooth, and very fun. I zipped in and out of all the curves and turns, and was enjoying myself (and my caffeine buzz) so much that I didn’t realize I had quickly made it to the moderately famous (not quite world famous) Triple Bitch. This half-mile pitch is split into three segments–all quite steep–thus the name. I realized why training at altitude can be such a benefit, while climbing these hills. I felt great.

During a lovely three and a half hour ride the only coversation I had was with the bleach-blonde, red-camero-driving woman who pleasantly screamed at me: “do you have a fuckin’ death wish?!” I didn’t think the road I was on was particularly dangerous, but evidently she did.

Next up was a short swim at Stacy, and dinner with Jamie and Andrea. After a long day, that was pretty much the best hamburger and tortilla soup (and oatmeal heath cookie) I have ever eaten.

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