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Race Week for Amanda

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Not a lot to report today. Amanda and I got an early start to the day with a run, followed by a short bike ride. We then took a nice dip in the pool at our hotel, before heading into town. We were supposed to be there for Amanda to be interviewd at 1:00pm, but nobody was there to enjoy the interview, so they postponed it. The expo scene definitely gets a bit later start down here when compared to the IMNA events back home. It seems like everything will get underway tomorrow, with registration starting.

Amanda takes Friday off prior to race weekend, so we’ll not have much to do exercise-wise. There is a press conference at 10:30 followed by a tv interview. These should be it as far as commitments go, so we should be done pretty early in the day.

I am really looking forward to watching this race. Amanda is set to have a fun time out there, and provided she plays her cards right, she is going to be qutie competitive with the others. I wouldn’t say there is a clear-cut favorite out there, so the day will got to whomever executes the smartest race. Should be fun, indeed!

That’s about it for now. I’m going to see about importing a few photos from the digital camera now!


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allbilly on 11/27/05 said:

I decided to join Eddie and Ginny as commentors on your blog.

Apparently your wife put her race report up before you did. That means we’ll expect more detail from your post race report.

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