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Really.. I’m Back.

Monday, October 2, 2006

For those of you who don’t believe that I’m really back, I’m here now to prove you wrong… or to prove myself right. I keep telling myself that I’m back, so that I’ll really be back.

The past few days have been really nice. Saturday and Sunday both gave us a rare Septempber venture into the eighties! On both days I rode my bike up South St Vrain canyon: once on Saturday with Amanda, and once on Sunday alone. The most beautiful thing about the ride was the abundance of aspen trees with gorgeous yellow leaves. I would, in fact, be posting a picture of the stunning town of Raymond for all to see… had I only remembered my camera on these rides. Unfortunately, the camera was still sitting on the table by the door, when I reached into my jersey pocket to grab it. Bummer.

Thanks for checking in, and yes, I really am back. More later.

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Bolder on 10/3/06 said:

I’m sorry I doubted you. It was the, um, sake. Yes, that was it!

Clearly you are back, and we the ‘Angry Bloggers’ will now step down the confrontation from code Red, to say Orange.

We’re just generous that way in blogland…

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