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Some Down Time

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I’m now in the middle of my second week of post-ironman workouts, or lack of workouts. I’ve really enjoyed tending to other duties, and making my way slowly through the days with no real urgency or plan.

I will be returning to a normal routine next Monday, and this weekend promises to be fun, as I’m guest counselor for the IM Coeur d’Alene Multisports camp up in Idaho. So I’m trying to enjoy my down time.

I have done two runs and a couple rides, and it’s been enough exercise to realize that I’m recovering fairly well from Arizona. My swims have been really nice as well, as the energy levels have been pretty good. And with the exception of a touch of soreness I have acquired from Dave Scott’s strength and injury prevention class yesterday, I’d say I’m pretty well recovered!

Yesterday, while talking to my sister (as she took a break from her training to become a Physician Assistant), I was noting how much better I feel than after last year’s race in Tempe.

From that conversation came this analogy:

Say you train to do a 10k, and you’re fit enough to run a 45-minute race. If you show up on race day, and manage to run 43 minutes, you’re going to be extremely sore the next few days (sore and happy). But how about if you are fit to run 45, and can only muster a 47 or 48, for some uncertain reason. Well, the next day you’re probably ready to rumble already. (You’re happy, but you’re a bit unsatisfied.) And finally, if you run exactly 45 minutes, you’re moderately sore the next day. (And depending on your personality, you’re happy… probably.)

Based on this analogy, I am feeling more and more like I ran 47 minutes down in Tempe.

And in my world, that lack of satisfaction breeds hunger…. I’m happy but I’m hungry.

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allbilly on 4/30/07 said:

i like the analogy. So do you think it is a combination of mental and physical factors?

Cam on 5/1/07 said:

What did you think about the new CdA bike course? I’m hearing all kinds of fun descriptions from hilly to just rollers. Can you compare it to Austin (so I know where to train)? Thanks Michael!

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