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Still Down Under

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WOW! I’m quite the slacker when it comes to posting new Blog updates! Sorry ’bout that; it’s mostly because I’ve been paying each time we hit the internet cafes, and I’m trying not to break the bank on this alone. It’ll be much more fun to break the bank on chocolate, wine, and some ice cream post-race. That’s right, I’m getting closer to being back on the junk! Since I’ve been battling this case of giardia and blastocystis hominis (so fun to say), I’ve been on the ulta-potent anti-biotic, so alcohol has been strictly off limits. It turns out that my liver is not able to handle it right now. On top of that, I’m lactocse intolerant, as a result of the out-of-balance intestinal flora. I’ll be kicking this soon enough, and then it’s back to the simple treats.

Amanda is really shaping up to have a great race. It’s finally race week, and she’s come around quite well. We are finally not on US time, so that’s a big plus. It’s really a good thing for us to arrive so early, in order to adjust. We have been doing some really nice training, and now that it’s time to taper a bit more, we’re even doing some fun sightseeing.

I’ll have to post more info later, as my time just ran up.

Hope all’s well in the northern hemisphere… summer with Christmas coming is quite fun for us!

Until next time.

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