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The Sidelines at IM Arizona

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I’ve been meaning to write a long and meaningful post about why I decided not to race Ironman Arizona this year, but my blog habits got the better of me. (Not to be confused with the blog hobbits, who have asked me to get to writing.) What I mean is that I ran out of time to post my thoughts.

Now I’m feeling a sense of semi-urgency to announce that I will not be racing this year’s IM Arizona… on Sunday. I chose to do one this spring, and that race will be IM Coeur d’Alene. I may someday get around to sharing the lengthy reason why not, but for now suffice it to say that I’m happily on the sidelines of this event.

I’ll be here cheering for my friends (James and Terra, amongst many others), and I’ll be doing some work for the event (commentating and hosting sponsors).

I appreciate all the well-wishing; I love the good luck notes; and I am sorry to not be out there battling it out with the rest of you to another sub-seventeen finish.

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for the support!

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Cody the Clydesdale on 4/11/08 said:

I llok foreward to your race at Cour de lane.

Jon Ford on 4/14/08 said:


We’re still laughing about your stories at the TriScottsdale talk on Thursday night. You’ve got a second career in comedy. Until then you are an excellent ambassador for the sport. You even handled my obnoxious “who are your three favorites” question masterfully, milking it for all it was worth. Bravo. Again, thanks for being such a great spokesman for the sport. Good Racing to you!

Sue on 4/14/08 said:

Will look forward to seeing you here in beautiful CDA…we are IM Junkies…

Anonymous on 4/23/08 said:

Hello there

I was woundering what kind of FTP60 watts a pro triathlete can produce? Good luck this season

Cody the Clydesdale on 4/23/08 said:

Congrats on your race in San Angelo! Your training seems to be going very well! As always I’m excited to see how you do this season, I’m wishing you the best! Thanks again for the kind words back in Nov after my DNF. You really motivated me with the things you said. I’ve taken them to heart. I’ve lost 64 pounds since Nov. You are a great motivator, & an amazingly considerate person. Thanks again.

Enrique on 4/26/08 said:

Good talking with you at IMAZ!!!

BreeWee on 5/16/08 said:

Just got the Inside Tri. mag… NICE cover, should have brought it to St. Croix for an autograph!

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