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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

People ask me this all the time: “What nutrition products do you use?”  And my answer has been the same for more than 10 years: everything First Endurance makes, pure and simple.

The follow-up question is always “why?”   So I typically go on and on about how their products are the most complete, balanced, clean, and effective ones on the market.  I talk about how my fueling before, during, and after my races has evolved over the last 20+ years, and what a big role FE played in that evolution.  I talk about the way that First Endurance creates their products, relying on athlete feedback. And I talk about how FE is never resting on its laurels, but rather it’s constantly trying to find ways to improve what it offers, to better its product, and to create new ways to help athletes race to the best of their ability.

My answer also goes on and on about how great a resource First Endurance is to its customers, sponsored athletes, and friends.  FE desperately wants, even needs, people to have positive experiences in their events.  They want us to finish everything we start, and to do so without GI distress.  First Endurance goes above and beyond the typical nutrition company – and they do so willingly and happily.

But instead of focus on all of that good stuff, I’m sticking with a more simple answer to the question.

I choose First Endurance for the gear.

This is the best winter riding jacket I have ever worn, bar none.

These are the best cycling shorts I have ever had.

This jersey fits better than any other cycling jersey I’ve ever used.

And these socks have outlasted every pair of performance socks I’ve ever owned – I’ve worn them since 2006!

And why would all that gear matter so much when it comes to selecting my nutritional products?  Simple.  This company is run by athletes, and athletes know what other athletes want. Robert and Mike have created a great company that focuses on creating the very best product on the market, adhering to the most recent research, using the best ingredients.  They do this, but they never lose sight of the fact that the athlete is the main focus.  They provide us athletes with what we want and need, from Ultragen to EFS and Opytgen, all the way down to their custom apparel – shorts, shirts, and socks.  And in the end, that tells me that they have my best interest at heart.  And for that reason, I continue to chose First Endurance.


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Andree on 1/21/14 said:

I need that jacket for all my cold rides!

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