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Trainer Self Talk

Friday, February 3, 2012

After a couple weeks of being spoiled with unseasonably warm weather here in Boulder, we were hit with 16 inches of snow overnight, so it seemed an appropriate time to jump back into some quality indoor training.

The snow arrived!

As is typical with riding the Cycleops PowerBeam Pro, there is general an ebb and flow of positive energy.  Today, while churning out some quality intervals, I decided to take note of some of own inner monologue.

It went something like this:

“Wonder how I’m going to feel today?”

“Wow, Amanda is really ramping up the speed on the treadmill this morning!”

Treadmill wife

“Dang, I am feeling pretty good; heart rate seems low, power seems high.”

“Shit, I am really crushing this workout!”

“Whoa, I really wish I was racing next weekend.”

“I would totally kill it if I were heading to Panama!”

“Pretty sure nobody could hold my wheel if I were there.”

“Maybe should have put the space heater on low; I’m getting really hot in here.”

” ‘Give back my heart, chip kicker red neck woman; take those boots and walk out of my life.’ I love that song.”

“I wonder if anyone else listens to Lyle Lovett on the trainer?”

“Crap, I’m really drenched.”

“And I’m getting pretty tired.”

“In fact, someone better get me another towel… ”

“But I’m the only one here – when did Amanda finish running.”

“Need food; I’m done.”

“Get me off of this damn trainer.”

As you can see, there are ups and downs.  And  now I had better fuel up a bit.

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Bev Thorsen on 2/3/12 said:

You guys are such a hoot.. We know as you stayed with us. Hope it is all going well for you except indoor training we have had days of rain and last nights news says that out of the 29 days of February we will have 21 days of rain. I can hardly wait. This is supposed to be summer.
You both look terrific. Love to you from us.

Ja-Rod G. on 2/4/12 said:

Yo….good to see you up and writing again. I’ll have to have you guys down to the springs to set up my home/garage gym and bike shop. Can’t wait to see you guys in May.


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