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Friday, September 2, 2011

Here we have it ladies and gentlemen, our winner of the “guess how much weight ML lost on his long run” contest is…

JEFF IRVIN @JeffIrvin.

His guess of 5.2 pounds was just shy of the exact amount: 5.4 lbs.

Pre race weight photo, after eating a large breakfast (bagel, almond butter, banana, 1/4 of a cookie, stale energy bar, large glass of water, one bottle of EFS:

Pre-run weigh-in

(Sorry it’s upside down and sorry the toes are unsightly.)

The temperature at the start of my run was 68 degrees, slightly overcast. But we are in Boulder, so it feels a lot warmer!


(video – click on photo)

During the run, I drank every bit of it:

Run fuelIn all bottles, the total: 104 ounces of pure water. In both flasks, the total: 600 calories of EFS Liquid Shot + 3 oz of water (10 oz total).

I drank one bottle every 4 miles, with the first one lasting 5.5 miles.  The total run time was 2:15, with an average pace of 6:18 per mile (21.25 miles). The workout was 5K wu, 11K at tempo, 5k regroup, 11k at tempo, 2+k cool down.

The temperature at the finish of my run was 73 degrees (12:05PM), with sunny skies.

Post-run recap

The post-run weigh-in shows that I am down, despite consuming 114 total ounces of fluid (water + liquid shot).

Post-run weigh-in

This means that I lost 5.4 lbs during the course of the run, and Jeff guessed 5.2 lbs.

Net loss

What does it all mean, despite that Jeff has won himself a bunch of fun freebies?

To me the greatest lesson to share with you all is that despite the seemingly cool conditions, my sweat rate is remains very high.

Converting from ounces to pounds, I took in an average of 3.167 pounds of fluid per hour. My net loss was 5.4, or 2.4 pounds per hour average.  So, we can say that combining the 3.167 (I took in) with the 2.4 (I lost), my sweat rate per hour is 5.567 pounds per hour.  This is right in line with the numbers we discovered during my lab tests a few years ago. However, the lab tests were in extreme “Kona” conditions (85 degrees with 80% + humidity).

So what you hopefully take home is this: your sweat rate is your sweat rate in most conditions. There is little variation, so figure out how much you are losing per hour, and aim to replace that fluid. For best results, combine the pure water with an electrolyte drink or shot like EFS.  This helps you absorb the fluid, and it will keep you in system in electrolyte balance – something that is key to successful endurance training and racing!

To those of you who thought I would not lose weight, you obviously haven’t seen me sweat!

Thanks for playing!

3 Comment(s)

Jeff Irvin on 9/2/11 said:

Heck yeah! I’d like to thank my lack of reading comprehension because I was thinking you were in still in Texas. Dude that is a lot of sweat in 73 degrees – wow!

Thanks for the contest it was fun!

Randy Egge AKA Golf8aces. on 9/2/11 said:

Michael, I am really surprised that you sweated that much in those conditions. Amazing. This was a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

cody on 11/9/11 said:

Hey Michael! I just wanted to thank you again. I’ve used you and the things I’ve seen u do as a motivation for me and my life; Especially trying to learn to control my weight- A life long war with my weight.

Since seeing your Ironman in which you had a sickness and finished in the 200′s I was motivated & started trying to lose weight and fulfil my dream of becoming a triathlete. I’d end up losing weight, & kept gaining it all back! Anytime this happened to me before I’d surrender and tell myself I just cant be thin. But since the IM that I saw u struggle I’ve learned to keep fighting & never give up. Each time I’d gain weight back I’d learn a lesson of what I’d done wrong and try it again.

I’d lost 100 pounds in preparation for IMAZ 2007, but gained 56 back just before the race, weighing 236 pounds on race day..I had been walking most of the marathon when on the last half u & Amanda recognized me and started running with me, yelling encouraging things to me. That motivated me and & I jogged most of the remaining run. Again, u seemed to be there when I was at my lowest.

In the spring of this year I got down to 181 pounds at 6.8 percent body fat & since then I have maintained that weight! This is the 1st time in my life I’ve maintained my weight!!! I’d always been gaining or losing tremendous amounts of weight before. This was a victory for me! Perfect timing too, I will be racing IMAZ on the 20th of this month. I’ve lost 110 pounds total. In May I finished the dog house sprint triathlon in Lubbock in 3rd place overall & qualified for the Age Group national championships! Earlier this year I taught my daughter to ride a bike! I was able to teach her by running next to her for miles & miles, not taking my hand off her shoulder until she felt ready for me to let her go. I could NEVER have ran next to her before. I’ve learned by your actions that life is good & great things can happen when I fight for the things that will make me happy & healthy.

I’d sure love to be able to buy you & Amanda coffee some day & be able to thank in person!
Thanks again Michael! You are an inspiration!

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