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Two in Two Days!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I’m back on borad with the updates: two in two days!

I finished up the day with a nice ‘easy’ ride, over hills with a solid wind in my face. Gotta love that wind: a necessary evil, for sure. I thougtht I was going to finish the ride without a stop (the rest stop is something I generally avoid when riding in Boulder), but no luck. I find that the more I ride down in Austin, the more I look forward to the convenience stores. It’s my way of making a ‘vaction’ out of these training trips. I’m working hard, but getting a little break along the way. Halfway through the ride, I found myself enjoying a quick Snicker Bar, yes, King Size. Anyway, the legs were pretty tired from the long ride and run, so I pretty must just made it through 2:30, and got home for some food.

The rest of the evening consisted of hanging out with my buddies, Jack and Stacy. They have two brand new puppies, so we spent a good while enjoying getting licked by happy little puppy tongues: love that puppy breath! We also enjoyed a stop at World Famouns Chuy’s (of Laura and Jenna Bush fame), for some delicious tex-mex. Love that as well.

So far Monday has consisted of squaring away a bunch of business stuff. I’m about to wrap it all up, and will soon be enjoying this gorgeous sixty-degree day. I’ll check in later with updates, should I find something interesting to report.

until then.

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kryptonite67 on 2/14/06 said:

que onda michael?!

here are a few pics from this morning…

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