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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It really is hard to get to know someone over the internet. No, I do not mean on match.com or e-harmony; I mean that it is really hard to see what someone is genuinely like by reading web pages.

I happen to know this because I stare at the internet a lot, and at the end of the day I am not closing my computer and thinking about how much I learned about people. I read some blogs, I read some interviews, and, of course, I read some race reports. After reading them I am left with a feeling that I got to know what the writer wanted me to know. I read what they wanted me to read. This is not entirely abnormal, nor is it wrong. It is, as they say, what it is.
But sometimes I just don’t like it. I do not like to be told what someone thinks I should hear. I want to hear the truth.
Anyone who is now reading my blog is probably reading it because he or she was linked to it after Hearing Amanda Roar. I don’t post often enough to have my own following, and she seems to have generated a pretty solid buzz about her blog. This being the case, most of my readers are aware that Amanda is a very up-front person. She shares her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions and her opinions without an edit a censor or a qualm. I like that a lot, and evidently some 500 others like that a lot… every day.
However, as frank and honest as Amanda tends to be on her blog, I think she may still be one of the most misunderstood folks around. It seems ironic. There are so many blogs and reports and interviews where the athlete is saying what she thinks she should say, or telling folks what they want to hear. The irony is that those people are too afraid to share their true feelings, so they make things up to sound cool, impressive, different or even successful. My advice to these people is to take a break from thinking and to merely write or speak with a stream of consciousness style like Amanda. You just might learn something about yourself. And the rest of the world might close their computers thinking, “wow, so-and-so just gave me a little insight into who they really are.”
How cool would that be?

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