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Yoga, Tornadoes, Marshmallows, and a Game of Tag

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It would appear that I’ve fallen off the wagon… again. I always think I’m going to have more time in the off season to write on my blog, but that never seems to happen. Nonetheless, I’m back.

Yoga is always a part of my off season. I love the classes, I love how my body feels after a good class, and I love to slow it down for an hour or ninety minutes. My friend LT invited me to a Sunday afternoon class, because it’s her favorite one. I’ve invited Amanda and our friend Fee to attend, and now we have a little Sunday afternoon yoga party. I love it. And my tight muscles love it. I only wish I would make time to do this during the race season.

Tornadoes? What do I mean by Tornadoes? Sure, there are a few twisters in Colorado, but not this time of year. Now is the time for blizzards and freezing temps. In fact, it’s about 18 degrees right now, and there’s about eight inches of snow on the ground. Sucky pants.

There is only one Tornado I am dealing with, and it’s called Tornado Amanda. Lately she’s been whipping through the house with a whole bunch of inspiration and motivation. She’s more driven to get in shape than I’ve seen her in a long time. Realizing that she needs a more focused December to set herself up for January 1st training has her going, going, going. And having her going has got me going!

I love the fact that she’s got me fired up to get out of bed early (we did so all week!); she’s got me sticking to a schedule of runs and rides, as well as swims, weights, and yoga; and she’s even got us off the holiday food indulgence plan, so we’re eating better. People always want to know what it’s like for two professional triathletes to be married. Well, it’s great: Amanda inspires me to be a better athlete every day.

Marshmallows might not appear to fit in very well here, but they do. They are a topic that needs addressing. Last night at the grocery store, Amanda and I bought some hot chocolate (her idea). Along with that we picked up some marshmallows (also her idea). Since we were on a roll, we bought some Hershey’s bars and a box of graham crackers. Pretty sure those were her ideas also. Anyway, in spite of all the good training and good eating we’re doing, we still have room for treats. Amanda just made me the most delicious s’mores treat. I love it.

And as for the game of tag, well, I’m late to the party. Surprise. Seems I’ve been tagged to list five things about me. Then I tag someone else? Five more people? Hmmm.

1. Playing soccer in high school, I was best known for my ability to do a flip throw (front handspring while throwing the ball in bounds).
2. When I was about three years old, while riding in an elevator with my Grandma, I pulled my pants down in front of some women and proclaimed, “I am a boy… see!”
3. I went to school for one semester in Sevilla, Spain; it was there I learned how to make a tortilla de patatas.
4. When I was thirteen years old, a ski shop sales person asked me if I was a Libra, because I could not chose between florescent green and florescent pink. I’ve been indecisive ever since.
5. I went streaking in five national parks in five days… back in college… with some friends.

Now I’d like to tag Terra, Karen, Cody, Duane, and Zane.

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Cody the Clydesdale on 12/10/07 said:

Streaking in 5 national parks? LOL. Very funny. Glad the training is going so well. You’ll be putting up some great times if that keeps up~!

What are the questions for being tagged?

Duane on 12/15/07 said:

I will do the tag!

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