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Having been involved in triathlon for over twenty years, I have gained experience at all levels of competition and participation: from beginner to elite. During this time, the basis of my own preparation has ranged from self-coaching to full time guidance from an experienced coach. Over the last several years, I have developed my own personal philosophy and strategy for preparing for multi-sport races.

I currently provide varying amounts of structure, guidance, and advice to several athletes of different ages and abilities. I am confident in my ability to help men and women of any level achieve his or her athletic goals.

Upcoming Camps:

June  14-20 – Boulder, Colorado – Training Camp – Details Here

August – Cozumel – Ironman Prep Camp – Details coming soon.


Client Testimonials:

Client Profile: Andree

  • After almost 30 years racing triathlons I decided to hire a coach. Work and family life were taking over the training and my racing times were slowing. I wasn’t really worried about the times but I had lost a bit of the zeal and felt I had wasn’t giving or getting my best. I needed help and immediately called Michael. We have now been working together for about 6 years and the relationship has been great. I chose him for his experience, a positive attitude, and a personal approach.  Michael listens to my goals, fitness level, and time commitments, and tailors an interesting program just for me.
  • Michael has been coaching me for 5 years and the best part has been the relationship we have developed. We can talk about anything and he always takes into consideration how all aspects of my life affect training and racing. He is very flexible and we make adjustments in my schedule if needed. I always k now that my plan is tailored specifically for my needs. The workouts? Some of the most fun and creative I have ever had. Training is so much fun because there is always a new challenge to look forward to.Michael is always available to answer any question or to give any advice. In the years he has coached me I have faced some challenges and he has been 100% supportive.Last but not least, his coaching has made me a stronger athlete and I was able to qualify for Kona!