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Austin Triathlon

Date: 9/6/10

Location: Austin, TX



This year there was a change in the August race schedule for the first time since 2004. The change, as you may have noticed, was that I did not race Timberman. In fact, I did not race at all in August, but rather I chose to do some solid Ironman training Boulder-style.

With the guidance of Ironman great (and my good friend) Paula Newby-Fraser, I set out to prepare a little bit differently this fall – and that meant adding the Austin Triathlon to my calendar of events.

Since I am now three weeks late with this report, and I still have last week’s race recap to write, I’m going to sum this one up quickly. Well, quickly for ML speak.

High Five Events and Jack and Adam’s Bicycles put on one of the best darn triathlons I have done in a long time. It’s right downtown Austin, with incredible support, great spectators, and top-notch competition. My goal of working myself over in a high-intensity “workout” race was more than achieved. I had two fast cats up the road (and up the lake) all day long, and they made me chase hard. Phil Graves and Richie Cunningham, who finished 2nd and 3rd, lead me out of the water by 10 seconds or so, gapped me further in transition, and then stayed away on the bike. In Phil’s case, he distanced himself further. Once onto the run, I quickly remembered that there is no time to warm up in a short race. Oh yeah. My effort was solid, my legs were average, and my results were right about where I expected them to be. I finished third, and chalked it up to one of my best speed workouts of the year. On to the next race…

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Amy Blakey on 6/26/10 said:


Best wishes for the Gilford triathlon! Say hi to my old stomping grounds! Take a dip in Lake Winnepesaukee for me! And spin by Govenors Island for me!

I’m doing a sprint next weekend – my first tri since baby number 2! I’ll keep you in mind for some motivation!

I’d like to watch a televised tri that I can pull up on-line. Any suggestions? Maybe Kona or another one you’ve been in? Any ideas?

Swim, bike, run fast and smooth!!

Amy Blakey (Meckstroth)

admin on 6/30/10 said:


Thanks for the note. Wow, great news that you are doing a tri this weekend. If you have not found any races online yet, try searching for any of the Kona races, although you probably won’t see much coverage of me! Others that gave me a bit of airtime are 2006 IM Arizona, 2007 IM Arizona, and 03, 05, 08 IM Coeur d’Alene. Best of luck, and I’ll be sure to pay homage to your stomping grounds in August. I always do!


Taylor Cotten on 10/10/10 said:

Great race, or speed workout! And thanks again for the advice on coming into T2 it really helped. Hope to be able to race behind you at another race soon.

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