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Timberman Triathlon

Date: 8/21/05

Location: Gilford, NH

Rank: 3rd

Time: 4:10:16

As opposed to my standard long-winded approach, I’ll offer just the brief re-cap of my race…as the travel to the race was the truly exciting adventure! (And it is perhaps the story of the travel that will find its way here in the future.)

In my second race of the season under cloudy, rainy skies, I managed to notch a solid third place on a tough, but FUN Timberman course.

My swim was uneventful: I boarded the Cleveland/ Fisher gravy train after fifty meters of swimming, and was able to coast my way ashore with little effort (minus one attempt to share the work with Jamie… sorry, Jamie!). Having lost just over a minute or so, I was anxious to crank away on the bike. However, early on I realized that I had access to only four of my five gears, and was doomed to cruise through the bike leg just slower than my Ironman pace! I lost a bit of ground (actually a TON of ground to Chris Legh, who was just crushing the course) and a few spots, by the time the cycle leg ended.

At that point, the clouds were receding, and the humidity was on the rise… I had forgotten how much I enjoy racing in humidity! I enjoy it? Yup, it seems the body just moves well.

It moved well, it just didn’t move quickly: once again I was stuck in my IM mode, and could not find a way to crack that six-minute barrier for many of my miles. (Knowing I needed to be well below that barrier to close any gaps… I continued to try.)

I enjoyed the chase, and did manage to move from fifth to third on the run; however, the effort left a lot to be desired, espcially when compared to my ’04 showing.

Nevertheless, I love racing up in Gilford, as Keith Jordan and Endorfun Sports put on one of the best triathlons around! I look forward to returning next year, and provided I can, I look forward to posing more of a challenge to Chris and whomever else tackles this gem of an event!

Until then…

Michael Lovato

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